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All buildings are built with 16″ on center spacing on all floors, walls, and rafters.  Upgrades to 12″ floor joist spacing is available.  All walls include double plates on top, single plate on bottom.  All corners have double studs. Flooring is 5/8″ 5-ply plywood.  Walls are 5/8″ Fir T-1-11 with Cabot Heartwood stain.  1×4 fir trim is standard.

Painted sheds are available for a 10% discount.  Painted sheds will have LP Smart Siding and Smart Trim.  Stained with any custom color by Cabot is an additional 10%

Roofing is 5/8″ OSB with 29 gauge painted metal roofing.  There is a 45 year paint warranty on roof metal.  30 year IKO fiberglass shingles are also available at the same price.

Our wooden doors are the best in the industry.  Double sided with solid 2×4 framing, they absolutely will not twist or warp with time.  Single doors come in 2 sizes, 3′ and 4′.  Double doors come in 2 sizes, 5′ and 6′.

Heavy duty treated floors are available as well with 12″ spacing on treated joists and 3/4″ treated plywood.  All skids are treated and rated for ground contact.